Sunday, September 25, 2011

TGF Heart Journal--week 10

Hi!  It's week 10 of TGF's Heart Journal!  Almost half way there!  So this week's assignment was to use some sort of tearing.  The tip was to make an interesting background kind of like a collage which I realize I didn't really do.  Well, mostly cause we don't have any magazines!  I cleaned the house and threw away all the old magazines.  Usually we donate them to the library but they were really old like a year or so!  I guess they were just hiding out in our house somewhere.  Anyway, back to my page.

I wanted to use this penguin stamp so much!  They are so cute!  Wild Rose Studio has a new line of penguin stamps!  He is called Pickle the Penguin.  My daughter loves penguins so much so I had to get some.  This one is called Christmas Cuddles.  I tore up the edges of the snowflake DP and just used some printer paper for the bottom and added a lot of stickles for the glittery-ness. 

Sorry if the glitter is kind of blinding!  So hard to take a good picture with glitter reflecting everywhere.  I just love this image!  And I know I already said it before but they are so cute!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


sunnysideup/doreensng said...
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sunnysideup/doreensng said...

Awww love the penguins so sweet ...nice !

Cheryl said...

Soooo cute! Well, I think your previous pages had lots of tearing/collaging, that should make up for it.

Lorraine said...

Love the sweet penguin images, too! I think all kids love penguins - they are so cute. We used to visit the Kahala hotel to see them when we were younger - do they still have them there?