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Hang Loose Preview -- Honu Set

Hi everyone!  My daughter is in New York now and I am hoping they are not getting soaked by rain.  They are planning to do a lot of walking in NY, and they already got rained on in Virginia.  I hope the weather cooperates for just a few more days.  The weather is strange this season, isn't it?  It seems to be rainy a lot here too.

I'm back today for the last preview of Yumi & Fumi Handmade's Hang Loose Release.  The Honu Set features two honu (turtles), lotus flowers and a sentiment.  Culturally, honu are very significant in Hawaii.  When my son was in the 2nd grade, his teacher explained how she thought of her students as honu and she gave each of them a necklace with a honu.  She said as students, they need to constantly go forward and not turn back just like the honu.  And she had mentioned that honu do not swim backwards.  I was like really, they don't?  Then the principal came in the classroom and said the exact same thing.  So must be true, right?  The weird thing is that I can't find any info that mentions honu only swim forward.

Anyway, here is my washi shaker card featuring the two honu.  One is inside and the other one out.  I wanted to try this shaker card since seeing them out in blogland.  It's so simple to make one that I almost forgot to glue one of the turtles inside like I wanted to before taping up the last side.  Thank goodness for tweezers!  All the fish and sun confetti I've had for years.

This honu is inside.  I had a lot of fun coloring these turtles.  I looked up some images of sea turtles on the internet and based my color choices on that.

What I loved about coloring these was that I just pretty much did what I felt like.  Dot, dot, dot here, blend, blend, blend here and all done.  There is no wrong way to color them.  And I love the way they turned out. 

Please head over to Yumi & Fumi Handmade Crafts blog to see more of this set.  (And it's raining again!)

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Cheryl said…
Beautiful coloring of the sea turtles! Neat texture and color combo!
I thought koi and salmon only swam forward too.
Hope the nice weather holds out.
Rachel Parys said…
Totally gorgeous scene!! Love it!
Leanne said…
Oh hope your daughter's trip gets better. This season there really has been some crazy weather! I did not know that about honu! hmmm, I think I remember that if you go to Disneyland's CA Adventure and see Crush's show he sorta swims backwards! hahaha!
This is absolutely gorgeous Eva! I love the bright colors and the suns and fish go so well, including that chevron paper!! This is awesome!! Thanks for always bring it to the next level!
Leanne said…
Shoots I forgot to say... GORGEOUS COLORING!! I definitely need to practices the dot, dot, dot, blend, blend, blend. hehe
Anonymous said…
Cute! Cute! Cute! I love the turtles and their eyes! The shaker thingy is really neat!!! I never knew turtles couldn't swim backwards. Interesting.

How are you doing being so far away from your daughter? I hope she is having fun and doesn't miss you too much. Hope the weather cooperates!
Stephanie said…
This is so beautiful! I love the colors! And when I saw it was a shaker card.. Too cool! Love it!
Melissa said…
I love these turtles. They look so graceful - they remind me of the turtles in Finding Nemo! Beautiful coloring!
Carla said…
A real WOW- card this is.
Fab shaker card! Gotta try the coloring technique and the shaker card€:-)
Anita said…
This is so cute! Love the shaker card and also love those turtles :)
Denice said…
A dot here and a dot there?!! LOL! My kind of coloring! Love this shaker card and it's "under the sea" feel!

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