Thursday, April 2, 2015

felt peeps bunnies

Hello!  Just wanted to share my last Easter project.  I made these felt Peeps bunnies using a template I found here.  There are lots of templates out there and you could of course make your own but I thought these were cute.  I did make mine a little different.  I didn't add that long strip between the front and back.  Mostly cause I'm lazy, haha.  But they're still cute!

So here are the 3 I made for my 3 kiddies.  I added a little heart button on all of them and used a blanket stitch to close them up after adding a little bit of stuffing.  Hardest was trying to get the stuffing into the ears!

Here is the backside.  I added some white pom poms that I had leftover from the mice I made at Xmas time for their tails.  Cute and funny!

I don't always give my kids treats at Easter but I like to surprise them every so often.  I like making them things that they can hold onto and maybe even show their own kids!  Yup, gonna turn them into sentimental hoarders. 

I don't think I have anything else to share for a while.  Oh, I did make some sterling silver jewelry that I shared on Facebook.  I'm really loving those.  Okay, have a great Easter everyone!

Thanks for stopping by!


Creations by Shirl said...

These are cute - love how easy they are to put together....

Lynn said...

Love the felt bunny peeps. They would look cute on an Easter know the branch kind with blown out eggs. Oh, I want to see the silver jewelry....please post some pics on this blog site.

Denice said...

These are just adorable! I love felt or sugar! Your kiddos are going to love these. I'm going to look you up on FB.
Happy Easter!

Cheryl said...

Too cute! Makes me want to get the candy now!

Leanne said...

hehehe, these are way cuter than the candy peeps.
You sure are branching out in your creativity and it's awesome. Loved the necklace you shared. I haven't been on FB so much so I'll have to go on and see what else you've made.