Wednesday, April 8, 2015

sterling silver jewelry

Hello!  Today I'm sharing the jewelry I made recently.  I shared these on FB so sorry if it's a repeat for some of you.  I've been admiring some of the cute and delicate sterling silver jewelry on Etsy.  And you know, being a crafter I can't just buy the finished product, I need to actually try to make it.  I've dabbled in some jewelry making years ago so I have some of the basic tools already.

Here is a bracelet with a tiny cloud charm.  The chain is really very delicate.  Oh and sorry, but all that glue on my clothespins is so noticeable in these photos!  Kind of messy looking.  Anyway, I'm not too into this charm anymore since discovering that they are so thin and too fragile.  The cloud bends too easily!

Here is one with a sweet bow.  I love this one.  I had seen a similar one on Etsy so had to make one too.  These are really sweet for weddings to give to bridesmaids with a saying about tying the knot.  Isn't that cute? 

This is a sterling silver bar necklace about 18 inches long.  I love these bar necklaces and I guess they are kind of a popular thing these days.

Here is a close up.  I stamped the kanji for beautiful off centered onto the bar.  You could stamp and personalize this bar with just about anything.  It'll be fun trying to think of new designs. 

Well, thanks so much for stopping by!  


Lynn said...

Thanks for letting us see your jewelry creations. I like that they are so simple and elegant. You are right these beautiful pieces would make excellent bridesmaid gifts.

Rachel Parys said...

All so cute!! Too bad about the cloud, it's super cute!! Great projects!!

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

These are BEAUTIFUL Eva. You rock at everything you create.

Denice said...

Wonderful's a shame about the cloud charm because it really is cute.

Leanne said...

These are awesome Eva. Yes, too bad about the cloud, it is cute. These would definitely be great gifts. You're awemazing!!

Cheryl said...

So multi-talented! Pretty jewelry pieces!