Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mother's Day Cards

Unfortunately I'm not so organized to have made this year's Mother's Day cards yet. At this rate, that's probably not going to happen. These are from last year when I was on my coloring Ketto phase. It's not particularly "mother"-ish but after I colored them, I realized Mother's Day was coming up, why not make cards out of these. Hmm, maybe I needed to color some ground for the girls to stand on. Now they're looking like they're leaning to the side. The dangly hearts also looked better in my head than they did on the card, but it was too humbug to remove.

After seeing this card again, I'm thinking I need to follow some card sketches. But there's something just so easy about sticking the main image on there with a scalloped border, then a ribbon slider tag on the bottom.
Well, hope everyone is having a good weekend. I'm going to try to catch the last episode of Lost online then go to sleep! Or maybe just go to sleep. My kids usually wake up with the sun which is not good now that summer is approaching and the sun rises around 6 am!

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eva said...

didn't realize you had so many ketto images. i like your ribbon slider.