Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lego favors

Hi!  So here are some of the things I made for the Lego robotics qualifiers held today.  There were 20 teams at the qualifiers we were at but there were a few other locations as well.  Our team's project was centered around milk, the over all theme was called Food Factor, trying to keep food from being contaminated or spoiled.  There are a lot of aspects to this tournament.  The kids need to think of a project, present the project in an imaginative way in front of judges, create a robot, present their robot design to the judges as well, demonstrate they can work well as a team and then finally program their robot to complete missions and to score the highest points as possible.  It ends up being an all day event.  If you're curious, you can you tube FLL or even food factor and see the neat robots kids design and run.  So creative!!

Anyway, we wanted to make favors for the other teams.  It is a good time and chance to say hello to the other teams and wish them luck as well.

Again, because our project was about milk, I decided to make milk cartons.  We put pens in them.  I just altered a simple milk carton template to accommodate the size of the pens.  I bought the brick pattern online from a digital scrapbooking site which I can't quite remember at the time.  I put a label with our school's robotic's team logo.  I made 23 of these.  They were pretty fast once I had the template worked out.

I also made this display board for our table.  Sorry, I blurred the picture but you can see the general idea.  I made digital layouts and had them printed at Costco.  I slipped the pages into page protectors (I cut the side off with the holes).  That way the layouts themselves wouldn't be taped.  You can then also put them into new page protectors and have a little scrapbook.  I've made boards like this for funerals as well.  I know that's kind of gloomy but afterwards I put all the layouts into a scrapbook and give it to the family and they have a keepsake.

I also made a few other layouts to put into the team's binder.  I'm not sure how many pages but it was a lot!  A lot of photos to add.  With all the other pages/research we had to document, we easily filled up a 2 inch binder.

I made some easy leis using lanyards and hung a simple tag and lego figures on the end.  Sorry, didn't take a photo of these.

Are you curious to hear how our team did??  Well, we didn't win an award.  There were 5 given out.  But we did well enough to qualify and we're going to the state championships!  The kids were looking all bummed cause we weren't called for any of the big awards and they had all given up.  But we were called to go on and I couldn't believe it.  Six teams from the qualifiers we were at made it to go on.  I'm happy the kids are happy but I hope I can start crafting some time soon.

Thanks for reading!


Creations by Shirl said...

Wow you sure was very productive! Love all those milk cartons I bet all those kiddies were so excited to receive them.... and the display board looks awesome...
Great projects Eva~

Cheryl said...

Congrats! Cute milk cartons! Great idea with the poster display/layouts!

Lorraine said...

Congrats team! Wow, these are cool, Eva! With you, I bet your team takes first place in the "stylin" department, lol. Great idea with the photos/layouts! Let us know how they do at the championships!

RiNNE said...

Congratulations!! All your hard work (& your son's) paid off!!! Still not quite sure if I understand the concept of this team, but it sure sounds fun! Your favors are wonderful! And your display board awesome!! What a great idea to use page protectors!!