Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TGF Heart Journaling--week 19

Hi!  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and did lots of shopping!  I sometimes buy gifts throughout the year so I can't remember if I already bought someone something.  I have to dig out all the gifts and start wrapping so I can check them off the list already.  We bought our tree too and the kids decorated it and I have to say it looks pretty this year.  We didn't even unwrap the tree to check it before we bought it.  It looked pretty fat in the middle and so we were happy that when we brought it home, it looked pretty symmetrical and full.

Anyway, it is week 19 of TGF's Heart Journaling.  The theme is Chaos.  And I almost forgot to do the assignment!  I would've kicked myself if I missed this week when it's close to the end.  Well, I guess I have too much going on in my mind.  At least I remembered to pick up all my kids today at the time I'm supposed to.  Hehehe. 

I went with the "organized" chaos idea that was mentioned in TGF's post.  And it really reminded me of Christmas shopping in the mall.  It is so crazy, don't you think?  The other day I went to the post office and there was already a line of people waiting for it to open!  I try to do all my shopping when the stores first open.  It is so much easier with parking and less people too.  I stamped some of the Miss Anyas and Ians in Xmas-y colors to create the crowd at the mall.  Thank goodness for online shopping!!

Thanks for reading!


Cheryl said...

Oh, I thought you were crafting this whole time! I already posted everything I made :( Good thing I started early since I already gave one card away, although I don't think I can make enough cards this year. I don't think I even really go to the mall anymore. Yes, lots of online shopping, or Costco or Target if I need something in person. Sounds like Walmart was just plain chaos this Black Friday, some crazy shoppers out there. I'm a little slow with the family Xmas photo this year... I guess that's the next thing I need to work on.

Cheryl said...

oops, I forgot to comment on your layout. That looks cool with all the overlapping Anyas and Ians. Nice color combo!

Lola Azul said...

Lovely page!!. Congratulations

RiNNE said...

Awesome! Loved how you compared the assignment to Christmas and Holiday shopping! I do some shopping throughout the year too but did mostly online shopping this year! Your take on the challenge is wonderful! Very creative!