Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TGF Heart Journaling--week 17

Hi!  Week 17 of TGF's Heart Journaling.  Theme this week is Soul Food and to create a page based on your favorite food.  Okay, I hate exercising.  So I'm trying to not eat too much junk food cause really I don't wanna have to exercise all the extra pounds off.  I love food but I'm really more lazy unless I have a serious craving for something.  So for this layout, I thought I'd create a page dedicated to some of my favorite guilty pleasures.

I don't even think Cheryl knows the kinds of food I sometimes crave.  But pretty close to the top has to be KFC Original Recipe Chicken.  I mean, I LOVE it!  I don't eat it often but I'll have a craving for it now and then.  I love that it's salty.  I think I'm a salty and sweet kind of person.  But after I eat it, I sometimes feel sick.  Not like a guilty sick but physically nauseous sometimes cause it's pretty oily and greasy.  So then I vow not to eat it again but then I do.  Vicious cycle! 

Also on this page is pork rinds.  Hahaha.  Who would've guessed?  But I love them too and the sad thing is so do my kids so I have to hide the bag from them cause they'll ask for it if they see it.  I know, I'm a hypocritical mom. 

And my last 2 guilty pleasures are chocolate covered almonds and hohos.  So maybe the chocolate almonds are not that bad for you in moderation but I love the one from Costco and yeah, there's a lot.  That's another one I have to hide from the kids.

I actually printed these photos from online and wrote some journaling around it.  Hmmm, I could go for some pork rinds now and good thing I have some in the house!  Hehe.

Thanks for reading!


Cheryl said...

Wow, is it already art journal time again? Yeah, KFC is pretty good, in small doses, the one near our house closed I think. The pork rinds not so much... I didn't know they still made ho hos, is that the same brand as twinkies and the cupcakes with the white swirly line down the middle? Haven't seen those around since I was a kid! Sounds yummy! Although I like mochi things the best!

Creations by Shirl said...

All my kind of junk foods.... how can you resist that are just delish in every aspect...
Great journal page Eva~

RiNNE said...

LOL!! I do love me some junk food too! Nice to hear about your faves! What a cool assignment from TGF, I think it's so interesting to hear what people crave or their favorite thing to cook! I once had this beloved Japanese restaurant & I'd always order their Tempura. I'd also feel nauseous after-- I think that happens when you eat fried food after not having any for a while. As for the chocolate-covered almonds- just think that almonds are super food (lots of omega-3s) & chocolate is good for you in moderation!! ;)