Monday, September 24, 2012

Playing catch up ...

Hi!  So yesterday instead of staying home and doing my usual Sunday chores like laundry, I went out for lunch with my hubby while our kiddies were in Sunday school.  Those couple of hours were fun cause I got to eat yummy and spicy ramen.  Though it wasn't that spicy but they call it spicy.  Anyway, now I feel like I have ton of stuff to do today including laundry!  Not to mention there was a ton of traffic coming home this morning after dropping my kids off because of an accident, AGAIN.  I spent some time at our local drug store trying to wait out the traffic and bought Halloween candy to give away and probably eat too.  So much yummy candy!

Well, I have a Make it Monday post up over at All That Scraps blog.  Please check it out.  I don't think I'll be posting it here.  Well, here's a peek. 

This is my simple version of the cups I made in a previous post.  I thought these might be cute to give to my kiddies' classmates.  Well, minus the banners at the top.  Just the cup with the pumpkin face.  Simple enough to make about 50 or so?  Oh, even better, I'll make my kiddies glue the face on! 

And I just now am having some time to post the card I made using Melissa's sketch from TGF's SCS forum last week.  Better late than never!

I kind of turned the sketch.  This is another Miss Anya from the Scarves set.  I loved coloring these girls up in their winter clothes.  The sentiment is from TGF's new Sparkling Season set.

A little close up.

All right, I gotta get ready to head out again.  And I still didn't finish the laundry!  Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up with everything when I get back.

Thanks for reading!


Handmade Cuties said...

Such a good mommy to make treats for the entire class! The kids would be thrilled I'm sure.

I love your card and I'm wow'd by your coloring.

Rachel Parys said...

I HAAAATTTTEEEE laundry the most!! And to make matters worse, there are many days a week when my hubby goes through two sets of clothes in one day! AHHHHHH!! It never stays done.

Put those kids to work!! lol! Maybe I should make Maddie do some of those too...
Awesomely cute xmas card! Love the Anya Scarves!!

Cheryl said...

Yeah, holy cow, that's a lot of pumpkin cups. So cute though. That was a neat tutorial. The weeks are sure flying by. Great start on your holiday cards. This one is pretty too.

Denice said...

Cute, cute cups...the kiddos are going to love them, especially the candy ;-)

Sweet card, Miss Anya Scarves is an adorable set and look so warm and snuggy in their winter ware.

Leanne said...

Laundry is my enemy too! lol.. i always am looking for something and know that it's in "that" pile. lol.
i saw your post on ATS and I loved it. gotta find time to make those banners and play around with some fun papers.
ooo, miss anya scarves is really pretty. love how you turned the sketch and made it your own. love the background and your coloring always rocks!

RiNNE said...

So darling!