Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stamp Aloha Contest 2012

Hello!  I was wondering do you tell people you meet that you like to make cards and stamp and blog as well?  Or do you try to keep that private?  I think for the most part, Chery and I started this blog to share our creations but wanted to keep our lives private.  Ha, I guess it's kind of too late for me.  Have you ever Googled your name?  Too much info!  I don't generally tell people that I have this big hobby.  In fact, I only recently told my mom about my blog.  I don't even think she understands entirely why I make cards.  She just wants me to sell them.  Always the entrepreneur. 

Anyway, a few weeks ago our local Ben Franklin Crafts had a card contest.  We could only use stamps from 3 local companies.  I had my boys enter too but we all didn't win.  My older boy already had something in mind to buy if he won.  Such an optimist. 

This was for Sister Stamps category.  Love Miyoko!  Usually she is holding a cupcake but I placed an apple in her hands instead.

I found a pretty good size apple for her, don't you think?  I cut it out from some school themed paper.  But when I initially placed it in her hands it looked weird like it didn't belong.  So I had a light bulb moment.  I traced the outline of the apple in black so that it looked like it was stamped as well.

This is my entry for Dandelion Designs.  I had forgotten I had these cute dinos.  I wanted them to look girly instead so went with rainbow colors.  Then I added some googly eyes too.

It opens!  It's a telescoping card.  Found the instructions on Splitcoaststampers.  The sentiment was heat embossed and is from Inkadinkado.

It was a fun contest!  And so great to see everyone's ideas!  Okay, I have a bit of a cold so I'll be stopping here.  Thanks for reading!


Mary J said...

Both such fab sweet makes Eva!

Handmade Cuties said...

You should have won! Love your cards. No, I don't tell people that I blog and I "ack!" when I see my name on a google search. I do tell people that I craft but don't really go into detail. Hopefully, my work will speak for me one day =P

Creations by Shirl said...

Yeh you should have won, your card turned out super pretty.... great coloring and perfect in every way, not heavy with all those embellishes...Shucks Eva!
Now your 2nd card is just too cute, those wee dino's are fun.....

Julie D. Richards said...

What a clever idea with the apple, and yes the black line around it makes it look like part of the original stamp. If you hadn't told us we wouldn't even have known.

Leanne said...

Cute ideas Eva! You always have such fun ideas, and love the end results. Hoping next time I get to submit something.. You should post your boys, i would love to see what they made.
My family & friends know what i do, but not all of them know i have a blog. they might not get it like we all do. I have gotten that why don't you sell them msg too and it's just too hard to part with them ya? lol.

hope you feel better! Get some rest!

Rachel Parys said...

Haaaa ha, I know, nothing is private anymore! Too late to turn back now! (I'm glad to have made friends like you through the internet though!)

Her hair looks so flippin' awesome!! She is just too darn cute! And I love this circular fold out card, it is so fun! Both so bright and cheerful!

Kathy Dinh said...

Oh My! There is some cute-ness going on in here!! Love your coloring and creativity!

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Hi Eva,
Love your card, the school theme, and how you added the "apple for the teacher." You are so clever. Your 2nd card is amazing too. Also, thanks for your sweet comment. That was a fun contest. Happy crafting.

Cheryl said...

Awwww, these are so cute! Neat substituting with the apple. I think the hair is hard to color on those sister stamps, yours looks so shiny. The rainbow card is pretty too. Nice grass. Ha, I don't actually have a dilemma since I don't actually make many things! Yeah, I like being anonymous though, so I'm not embarrassed if my card looks ugly! :) I think changing names after getting married is probably a good thing too, shucks!

Jenny said...

I love your card! And, yes... I didnt' tell many people about my blog- only other bloggers. In fact, only a few people at work (also bloggers) know I have a blog! I call it "my secret life".. ha ha ha!

Alyce said...

cute!!! I love the black board hehehe! the dinos are super cute too...especially the googly eyes. It is a little weird telling people about your obsession LOL! And also weird now that you google yourself and lots of things show up! lol!!!

Denice said...

Both cards are adorable, but the apple in Miyoko's hand is too flippin' fab! Clever!

Blog? What's a blog?!!
Why would you do that?
When do you find the time?
Ahh...that's just "crap-booking!"

Nope, I don't tell too many people.

Rosie said...

I love them both! The apple is a perfect fit girl! I have so much to catch up on your blog...amazing creations! Hugs, Rosie

Mimi said...

oh such adorable cards!! That apple is a perfect fit for Miyoko! The girly dinos are super sweet! Both are winners!!

Nope, my blog is hush hush!! only my kids and hubby know about it. Some friends and family know that I make cards, and yup... "you should sell them!"

Have a great day Eva! ;D

SuiLan said...

I love how you used Miyoko and the lil Dino's are so cute! They are both gorgeous cards! I know what you mean about the blog thing. Only now I've recently shared my name.

Joy said...

Hi Eva!

Your card definetly deserved an A+ for Awesome! Sorry you didn't win this time but I know the judges had a really hard time with all of the great cards that came in.

But, can you e-mail me what store you dorpped it off at? It's not on your entry form and we are returning all of the cards.


RiNNE said...

Wow, your coloring (esp her hair) is delightful! Love that chalkboard! And those dines are super adorable!