Thursday, March 3, 2011

Excuse Me?

Hi!  This is the current sketch at Club Anya and Friends.  Thought I'd make a quick card and play along since I just got my very own Creeper Crew set thanks to Cheryl!!  An early birthday gift!  Thank you!

I didn't know which Creeper to use so I asked my daughter and she picked Jill because even though she looked the "scariest" she had the the cutest dress.  Haha, she's such a girl to decide based on fashion.  Well, Jill reminds me of a disgruntled bridesmaid with her frilly dress and hair-bow thinking what? I gotta wear this?!  Hence her "Excuse me?" sentiment.

This little heart is from a set of heart doilies from Cheery Lynn Designs.  The dies are so cute!  And I was so lucky to find them at Cute Stuff!  Anyway, I cut this one with fun foam.  If you're a PTI follower then you know that's the current challenge over there.  I was playing around with this and fun foam is really easy to cut.  I thought it matched nicely with this card and just stuck in some flowers.

There are like a million little hearts that pop out so I glued 3 on the side.  Oh, the pretty crocheted lace is from American Crafts.  I still haven't gotten around to trying to crochet a doily.  Seems a bit time consuming.

Thanks for reading and have a great Friday!


Cheryl said...

Sooo cute! Yes, those creepers are cute! They have really grown on me. I think I like all their clothes too. That heart doily is so cute! Fun foam looks nice! I gotta dig mine out, I bought a pack of sheets a while back thinking I was going to make kids' crafts like photo frame ornaments mostly...but that never happened!

My Scrap Diary said...

Lol, now that you said that she does look like a disgruntled bridesmaid. Those creepers are cute. I just got my set today. Hopefully ill get to ink them up soon. And that foam heart with the tiny flowers looks super cute.
Jess M
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sunnysideup/doreensng said...

Wow,Eva, so great you get to play with your CC.I will have to waite for a week for mine to come.Love the bright yellow dress..and the heart is so the card so scary ... sweet!LOL

Lorraine said...

Ooh, love this, Eva! Lucky you - you got the whole creeper set! I haven't played with foam - I didn't think I'd like it - but your heart is sooo cute and clever w/ the flowers pulled through. Great take on the sketch, design and your coloring of the disgruntled bridesmaid, lol!

Amy said...

This is an awesome card Eva! I love the colors and the heart doily looks fab with the roses!