Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Naughty or Nice????

Hello!  I have a terrible addiction these days.  Not to stamping or coloring or card making but to watching The Vampire Dairies.  Anyone watch that?  I started watching the episodes while I was walking on my treadmill.  Kind of needed something to past the time while I pretended to exercise.  Now I'm totally hooked.  But it's bad because now I just watch that instead of exercising.  It's so much more enjoyable just to watch something without having to sweat.  So I may be falling a tad behind on crafting.  Hehe.  I will have to force myself back to reality soon.

Here are a couple of post it covers that I made.  You might have seen it at All That Scraps recently.

They're a little different looking.  The one on the left has a little notch in it.  I made that one first after I had seen a little note thingy that we got in the mail.  I liked the idea of the pen being tucked inside like that and I just copied it including that notch.  But then I realized I don't really need that notch so I took it out of the second one that I made which is on the right.  I like it better just square and it's much easier to make.

I put the Naughty or Nice? sentiment from CC Designs Funny Christmas Sayings on the spine.  Thought it would be cute to use these for list making.  Santa is also from CC Designs Meoples No Peeking.

Here's view of the inside.  Bought these pens from where else, Walmart!

Another view.

I'm looking forward to this week.  I love eating turkey but only for Thanksgiving!  And maybe Christmas.  I plan on cooking so I'm actually starting tomorrow. 

By the way, I also have a post up at Yumi & Fumi Handmade Crafts featuring some of the new winter themed stamps which will be released on November 26th.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

These are so dang cute!!! They'd make a great gift or favors for a party and I like how you created a scene on the cover. Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving.

Denice said...

I've got to find me some of those pens! These are just adorable!

Haha...Damon is #4 on my Top 5 list!

Creations by Shirl said...

Love the post it holders... They sure make cute stocking stuffers. Enjoy your hump day and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family... keep safe~

Cheryl said...

Reminds me that I missed Once Upon a Time and Revenge on Sunday, if they even had new episodes, so nice to have TV online nowadays.

Anyhow, that Santa is sooo cute!

Have fun cooking, happy thanksgiving!

Mimi said...

these are adorable note holders! make cute little favors! gotta go look for those pens!
hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving! ;D

Handmade Cuties said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Haven't watched any vampire dairies episodes but maybe I shouldn't start =P. Your post-it note holders are very cute!

Rachel Parys said...

You are too darn clever!! These are adorable!! Love this project idea!

Leanne said...

If I could remember when it comes on I would definitely watch it. I've seen a couple episodes and loved it.
Awesome idea!! I want to make them, just need to find the time!! I have those Meoples too, finally caved cause they are so darn cute and easy to color.
Thanks for sharing the tip! So glad I work next to Walmart!!

RiNNE said...

These Meoples are tooooo cute! Hope you had a nice Holiday!

Lorraine said...

Okay, now EEEK - these are so cute and I love the designs! Perfect Christmas gifts!