Tuesday, October 16, 2012

All That Scraps October Review

Hi!  Today All That Scraps is reviewing Mashi's Muffins!  These stamps always look fun and happy!

Here is my card featuring Elfen.  Love her big, bright smile so I had to go with that particular sentiment which is from Fanciful Christmas.  The little tree is a die cut.  Isn't it cute?

I'm not sure but my colors may be off on this monitor.  I haven't adjusted the colors since switching out my monitor so I think my photos look a bit darker than usual.  Yes?  No?

Anyway, I washed the car this morning and I'm tired.  I realize that it is so much better to go to the car wash or let my hubby wash the car.  For one thing, the car is too big for me to wash.  I can't reach the roof even with a ladder so there are spots down the middle of our car roof.  And the tires are a big pain too.  I don't want to make the rims shiny like my hubby does.  And now my fingernails are yucky too.  But today I promised not to be so lazy like yesterday.  I didn't prep dinner or wash the dishes or prep the kiddies' lunches so I really had a ton of stuff to do once the kids got home and we had a late dinner.  So I guess I better get on it and go wash the dishes and prep some dinner.  How do you get your fingernails clean after washing the car?  Hope I don't get yucky stuff into our dinner!

Oh, and be sure to hop over to the ATS blog for more Mashi's Muffins!

Thanks for reading!


Cheryl said...

So cute! yeah, she looks really happy and bright. I had the same problem with reaching the roof, I only tried a step stool, the ladder looked too painful to take out! I can't believe you tried that. Plus the water dries so fast if you're in the hot sun, can't help but leave water spots. Costco here has a drive through car wash now. I think you need some kind of degreaser. I tried to use a brush instead of a sponge on the rims, that seems a little cleaner for my hands, even if the rims don't get as clean. I figure they're going to get dirty soon driving around again anyhow.

Creations by Shirl said...

Super cute card Eva! love the Christmasy colors - so well done!
Aw looks like your all pooped out!
Today is my day to do my car, it's a bit challenging but since I drive it hubby says I have to take some responsibility in up keeping her.
Enjoy your hump day!

Rachel Parys said...

You're funny! I am the worst about getting my car washed. The inside is spic and span, but it could use a little scrubbing on the outside.

Very cute card! I do love that tree die, it's perfect! I almost feel like she may rip little Gingy's arm off though! lol! Awesome job!

Blankina said...

Big smile indeed!! Cute Christmas image and great card Eva..I am in to Christmas cards too..besides the wedding and other cards ha ha.
Preparing new guestdesigners post for the farm ..hope everyone will like it.

Hugs Blankina
PS Could you please send your address? I will not pubblicate it on my blog

Denice said...

Fun and happy...the perfect words to describe this fabulous image! Gorgeous coloring too!

I only know of one way to get fingernails clean...by a nail tech, lol!

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Gorgeous card Eva. You color sooo beautifully. I really sensing "Christmas in the air."

Julie D. Richards said...

She turned out adorable, love the card. Also, lovin these Mashi's Muffins, gotta have em.

Leanne said...

bahahaha!! you're funny!! i hope you figured out how not to get the yucky stuff in your dinner or any other place where food dwells. lol

I have to say your card is awesome!! She is awesome and you chose the perfect accents, papers and sentiment.

RiNNE said...

Very pretty! Haha, I think maybe rubbing alcohol would work?