Wednesday, October 24, 2012

TGF's Tutorial Thursday -- Interactive Card!

Hello!  I am so sorry for being such a lazy commenter these past few days/weeks.  I will try to get to commenting again.  I've been feeling lazy after doing the chores and errands.  I guess the busy time of the year is slowly creeping up again.  And to make my life more complicated, I had to get into a car accident a couple days ago.  We're okay but my car is a little dented so I need to get that taken care of.  I was a little ticked off that someone had hit my car (after I washed it and all!) but I couldn't stay upset with the driver.  He was so apologetic.  He apologized to me and my boys.  And I've been there in his shoes feeling the worse amount of guilt after I rear ended this elderly lady a few years ago.  But she was the nicest lady who wasn't even upset that I hit her.  So how could I stay mad at the driver who hit our car?  Hopefully, he isn't feeling too stressed or guilty about it.

Well, onto my card.  I made an interactive card using TGF's Hallo Witch.  You can find the tutorial on TGF's blog HERE.  I also used my Perfect Layers rulers to mat some of the papers.

I used the sketch above from Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge #170 and rotated it a bit.

Okay, that's it.  Thanks for reading!


SARA said...

wow Eva! The BIG BEAUTIFUL IDEA!!!!!!! :D hugs SARA

Alyce said...

woah this is so cool eva!!! love the design! the purples are fab too and those little owls - adorable! :D

Cheryl said...

Neat how she flies! Great colors! Yikes, glad you're all OK. And your poor clean car. I always think there's an accident somewhere waiting to happen, so many cars and pedestrians too, I've never seen so many people walking for the entire green light. And no left or right turn lanes doesn't help the flow of traffic either.

Creations by Shirl said...

Sooo cute, love those owl papers and the twine... Fabby card Eva~

Rachel Parys said...

The second I saw that sliding witch, I knew it was yours!! lol! You always have the most clever ideas! Wicked card!

Denice said...

Super cute and clever! Love it and the tutorial you posted on TGF blog.
Sorry to about your accident but good to hear that all are okay!

Handmade Cuties said...

I'm glad everyone is okay =) This is an amazing cute card. Love the details!

Leanne said...

Weeee... totally fun Eva!!! You make the coolest interactive cards. Gorgeous colors too. She's one of my favorite witches.
Sorry to hear about your accident, and I'm glad you folks are ok. And I'm glad you were able to not stay mad at the driver. Less stress on you as well.
Have a nice weekend!!