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Sister Stamps Release #20 -- Misaki

Hello!  Last day of previews for Sister Stamps Release #20.  Today the focus is on Misaki.  Her pose is so adorable chasing the birds.  I made another pop up box card following Eunice's tutorial .  This box is black with some gold trim and covered with pretty washi paper.  I actually love this washi paper so you may see it a lot on future projects.  This does close flat but not too flat because of the tissue paper I added in the front.  I also glued on some flowers onto the tissue paper. Here is a close up.  The sentiment was purple but since that didn't quite match my project I just colored it black with my Copic marker.  I die cut the gold 40 using CC Cutters numbers die.  I added some gold dots in the shape of flowers onto Misaki's kimono too. Check out the rest of the DT too! Jenny (Sister Stamps) Debi Linda Linda's You Tube Channel The release day is Saturday and I'll have another project to share too. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Sister Stamps Release #20 -- Harumi

Hello again!  Welcome back to another preview day of Sister Stamps Release #20.  Today, I'm sharing my Harumi card.  She is sweet too.  I kept this very simple because I love this embossing folder with the branches and flowers.  I rubbed on some white ink to highlight the branches and then colored in some of the flowers with a Copic pen.  She looks like she is enjoying a day under a pretty tree.  Actually, I thought all the girls would look pretty under this tree so I made a couple more and made this into a set of notecards.  You might notice that I colored exactly the same flowers on each card.  I liked the placement of the colors so I kept them the same!  Be sure to check out the rest of the DT and their creations! Jenny (Sister Stamps) Debi Linda Linda's You Tube Channel I'll be back tomorrow with another project to share.  Thanks for visiting!

Sister Stamps Release #20 -- Minako

Hello!  Sister Stamps is back from the holiday break with their 20th release which will be available Saturday, February 1st.  Now, have you been checking out Jenny 's introductory posts about each of these new images?  If not, you should because she's got prizes!  These new images are so versatile and perfect for any occasion cards and projects.  Here is Minako.  Sweet, isn't she?  I love her serene and peaceful pose and smile.  I had to add a little bird friend from Misaki.  They are having a conversation.  This is a little box from La-La Land Crafts that you can decorate however you like.  I wanted to create a gold box since I'm kind of fixated on that gold paper.  Isn't it amazing when you emboss it too?  I love that floral embossing on the bottom.  The corner dies are also from La-La Land Crafts.  I didn't add a sentiment to this because I didn't think it needed one.  But it would be great for Girl's Day or Valentine's or a birthday too.

Chi Chi Memories Post #10

Hello!  We woke up this morning to a power outage.  It was about 5 in the morning when I could hear my kiddies giggling and playing in their room.  Yes, I have super hearing even in my sleep and even though their room is way on the other side of the house and down some stairs.  I thought I was dreaming of course because who wakes up at 5 am on a Sunday morning?  I went down to the room and found my daughter was awake too and all 3 of them were talking story in the dark.  I scolded them to go back to bed!  My boys woke up because their night light went out and it was dark!  Very similar to me.  I woke up cause it was unusually dark in my bedroom too.  We keep a night light too in case our youngest wanders into our room which he occasionally does.  But I realized today that I would much rather sleep in complete darkness.  I am taking that night light out and my youngest can stumble in the dark to our room if he has to.  Thankfully the electricity was up again in time to cook pancakes for

Chi Chi Memories Post #9

Hello!  Are you cold out there?  It's freezing here.  Not like mainland freezing but pretty cold for Hawaii folks.  Yesterday morning it was 64 degrees!  That's cold for us.  Still could wear shorts but had my jacket on and I even slept with my cozy socks.  It's cold this morning too and I wore shorts to drop off my boys but then regretted it cause it was chilly. Today is my post for Chi Chi Memories . I colored up these two from the Winter Sports digi set.  They are all matchy like a cute couple.  I don't really know any couples that would actually wear matching clothes like this but thought it would be cute.  The sentiment and snowflakes are from CC Designs.  I added some sequins too!  I finally got some Lawn Fawn sequins that I've been wanting. I am actually typing while wearing gloves and I'm pretty proud of myself for not making too many typos.  My hands always get super cold when it's cold outside. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a gr

CAS Birthday

Hi all!  Happy MLK Day!  Hoping some of you had an extra day off today too.  I got to spend the morning doing some crafty shopping.  Fun, right?  Today I have a very simple birthday card to share.  We went to a first birthday party yesterday for a cousin's sweet baby boy.  He is such a cutie and our kiddies love him so much! I went with Sister Stamps Takeo.  You might notice that little blip in the green balloon.  I was going to color the balloons transparent so the other balloons would be visible underneath too but got kind of lazy and then tried to hide the orange with the green but it's still there.  I think it still looks okay.  See also more gold matting and gold letters that were cut with PTI alphabet dies.  I love the gold! This is the inside.  I used MFT's horizontal giftcard die to hold some cash for the birthday boy.  I used the cute koi washi paper too.  I just bought another sheet today on my crafty shopping trip.  I first thought they had run out but

Hideo Calendar

Hi all!  So I actually finished making 20 calendars for this year.  I didn't take a photo of every one since they are all similar to the ones I posted earlier HERE .  I just wanted to share this one that is different. Okay, it is not that different.  Just a different Sister Stamps image called Hideo.  I love this washi paper that I found at Ben Franklin Crafts.  Cute, right?  So perfect for a boy.  Oh, and sorry about the glare in the photo.  I am just loving this gold cardstock too but it is so reflective in my photos.  I might just put it in all my creations. I am thinking about starting 2015 calendars!  Maybe I could make like 3 a month or something.  I am seriously gonna start now so I'll have enough to giveaway at the end of the year and maybe I'll make a variety of them. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!  

Chi Chi Memories Post #8

Hello!  It's Friday and I have my latest Chi Chi Memories card to share today. This little guy is from the Winter Sports digi set.  He looks like he's having a lot fun.  The sentiment and snowflake is from CC Designs. Though I've seen and played in snow before, I've never been snowboarding or skiing.  I'm not the most coordinated person.  I always think I'll fall on my butt getting off the ski lift and hold up the line.  My hubby says that is very embarrassing as he has done it before.  My youngest asks me to take him on a trip to see snow all the time.  I don't know if I really want to endure the cold or even travel during winter but I guess it is on my list of places to take the kiddies one day. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

CC Designs January Review

Hello!  Today is review day of the January release at CC Designs . I have come to the realization, or maybe now I've accepted the fact that I like making simple cards.  I see lots of cards that have a whole bunch of stuff going on and while that is visually appealing to me, I don't think I have the patience to make something like that all the time.  So this is my simple card featuring Love Letter Lucy and the Mailbox .  The sentiment at the top is from Adoring You .  I just love the paper with the clouds and hearts trailing down from them.  Too bad I couldn't use more of it on this card. Here is a close up.  Lucy is popped up on dimensionals.  Hope you'll check out more of the review at CC Designs .  So many adorable Valentine's ideas! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Last Christmas Post

Hello!  I think this is my last Christmas related post.  I wanted to share this little box that I altered. This little box is from La-La Land Crafts .  It is only 4x4 inches and it's so cute!  It is the perfect size for a small gift.  I added a gift card inside.  I love these little kits from La-La Land Crafts.  Their dies are pretty awesome too.  Here is a close up of the image called Jill - Spirit of Christmas which is from Tiddly Inks.  I thought it was a very sweet image perfect for gift giving.  I printed this image a bit smaller so it would fit nicely onto the box. Here is how it looks when opened.  You can decorate all the sides of the box before adhering it down.  Hopefully the glue is strong and it doesn't fall apart! I plan on ordering more of these little boxes.  Maybe I'll try one of their larger kits too.  They have such amazing looking shadow boxes. Thanks so much for visiting!

Chi Chi Memories Post #7

Hello!  As I sat around this morning visiting my usual blogs and stalking others on FB, I realized I forgot to post my latest Chi Chi Memories project.  Oops!  I was just so happy that Friday is finally here and I completely forgot. Here is my latest card using Chi Chi Memories Winter Sports.  I went with lots of pink and purple.  The sentiment keeps reminding me to get up and exercise so I try not to look at it too much.  Still trying to ignore it but it's a new year and isn't that the time every one vows to exercise and lose weight?  I guess I will get off my lazy butt and start ... next week. Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!  

CC Designs January Review -- Roberto's Rascals

Hello!  Are you freezing out there?  I know the mainland is seriously freezing right now but it's kind of cold here too.  Not nearly as cold I know, but still got my cozy socks on and bundled up at night to sleep.  It's funny though because it looks so sunny outside but the wind is so cold. Well, it's review time for CC Designs January release.  I made a cute little Valentine's project and I followed this awesome tutorial to make this pop-up box card.  Eunice makes the most awesome and creative projects! This is my first pop-up card box project.  It's a lot of fun and so much easier to follow Eunice's tutorial.  This image is Roberto's Rascals Blowing Kisses and the sentiment is from Adoring You.  I stamped it on the heart from the Grunge Envelope die which also comes with this super cute mini envelope.  I added a couple of doilies and tissue paper.  The hearts are from the Heart Border die. Here is a close up. Here is another view.  This fol

Chi Chi Memories Post #5 & #6

Hello!  I am back to share my latest Chi Chi Memories creations.  This first card features images from A Joyful Season digi set.  I think the girl looks like she's saying, "Yay, more presents for me!"  Though maybe she should be saying thanks for all the Christmas gifts. This is my second card and features an image from their new January release called Winter Sports.  Hmmm, I know nothing about winter sports!  But this doggy image is cute on skis! Thanks so much for stopping by!