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Happy Easter! (a little late)

Hello!  Happy belated Easter!  Hope it was enjoyable!  We did the usual egg coloring and family dinner.  Then today I cooked a turkey, mashed potatoes and even made gravy.  I think my gravy actually turned out pretty good.  But now I have to get going and start packing up for the craft fair this Sunday, April 3rd.  I actually have to make a ton more cards. Probably got a bit distracted by crocheting again!  Here is a little bunny amigurumi, pattern by Stephanie Lau (All About Ami) .  I love her blog and her patterns!  There are a few more patterns I'd like to try.  And then I learned that my bunny is inside out.  I guess I wondered when I made my first amigurumi if there was a right side and wrong side and it's been a few years since I crocheted so completely forgot about that and so this bunny ended up inside out.  But still cute!  Here is the bunny after I crocheted all the parts. Here she is sewed together.  I added some felt hearts on her feet and felt lining in her

bunny from a crochet square

Hello!  We are on Spring Break and our days have gotten a little bit lazy.  Takes me a while in the morning to finish my coffee and get onto chores and crafting.  It's nice to have some time to relax and not rush off anywhere.  But I still have the crafting bug and want to make a ton of stuff.  When I get that kind of feeling, I usually don't know where to start and end up feeling lost.  I usually try to clean my craft area first and start with something small and keep going. I saw this cute tutorial about making a bunny from just a crochet or knit square.  There are a few tutorials out in blogland and they are all similar to this one HERE .  I don't know how to knit so I looked for a crochet version and found this video HERE .  So I crocheted a square using a smaller than usual hook and the square turned out about 6 inches or so. I used this soft pretty pink yarn.  I crocheted tightly (the smaller hook helps) cause I didn't want gaps in between the stitches but t

cute confetti!

Hello!  I finally completed listing a bunch of new confetti.  These are all so cute!  I decided to make 2 sections of confetti in my Etsy shop, one section has thin cut confetti and the other is just the regular cut ones (they feel thicker). These tiny stars measure just 2mm!  They are my favorite right now.  The white ones are so sparkly, I think they are like diamonds!  Haha, I wish. Also added these cute 3mm hearts.  Similar to the thin cut ones I already have listed in the store. These concentric circles are fun too!  They remind me of bubbles and I think they would be great for summer cards and scrapbook pages. More snowflake confetti but in pink and silver to go along with the white ones I have listed in the store. Green and orange maple leaves confetti.  These are fun too! And lastly, these pretty and cute flower confetti.  The first photo is pretty bright, isn't it?  It's a bright orange but sometimes they look like

Yay, more cards!

Hello!  Hmm, I did not know what to title this post since I wanted to share different themed cards.  So, sorry about the weird post title.  Recently I got a new laser printer so I've been printing out some digital images to color.  It's like rediscovering all these cute images I've had stored on my computer. But before I share the cards with digital images, I thought I'd sneak this one in too.  It's another baby card similar to the ones in the previous post but gender neutral.  I like the cute duck!  Anyway, same details, image is from The Greeting Farm and sentiment from Papertrey Ink . I scrolled through my digi images and found all these Wryns by Tiddly Ink so I made this cute and simple Easter card.  Those little bunnies are irresistible! Then I colored up this one for Mother's Day.  It was so nice to color these images without worrying about smearing the black lines.  So I was happy.  That's it for now!  Thanks so much for stopping by!